LUCIS Software for Windows

Offering 2021 Schedule - 72 KB - Updated 2021-01-07
For existing users, download and then run this installer to add the Offering Schedule for 2021 to LUCIS Software.

Update to Version 3.4.1 (for existing users)  - 5.42 MB - Updated 2021-07-08 - for version 3.4.0 or newer only!
Update for existing users.
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Version 3.4.0 Installer (for new installations and upgrades) 97.0 MB - Updated 2020-06-16
Full and Update installer. Includes all updates in version 3.3.11. 
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MSCOMCTL Signature Fix - 552 KB
For existing users that receive an MSCOMCTL error when creating a signature. 


If you don't have a LUCIS Key, please contact your local Conference office for assistance.


Older Releases

If you would like an older release version, go to our support page and fill out our contact form.